5 Ways To Overcome The Fear Of Hitting Reset

5 Ways To Overcome The Fear Of Hitting Reset

A few weeks ago, I left a dream job (partly because I fulfilled the dream) but really because I’ve moved back to the UK and I’m faced with the fear of hitting reset… again

Why leave a dream job?

In 2017, while at Ringier, I led the pitch and won Nestle’s business to manage digital for some of the company’s brands. I had one question at the time – why aren’t FMCG companies focused on acquiring 1st party data and communicating directly with consumers?

I knew how important this was for any company and it was an untapped opportunity. Our ideas to go in this direction were not approved. I told Idara (my wife) if I ever get to work at Nestle, I’d set up a marketing automation system that will be a game changer for the business. 
3 years later, I became the Head of Digital for Nestle Central and West Africa and guess what, I did exactly that before leaving and deployed a fully operational marketing automation system. 1st party data grew by 17042.9%, and consumers started receiving personalised communication via SMS, email, WhatsApp, and on social media platforms through ads. 
Then life happened. 

Hitting reset is scary! Especially when you are leaving something tangible for the unknown.  

Here are 5 things I’m learning to overcome the fear of hitting reset

1.) Plan, plan, plan, 

But expect to still get punched in the face. Curve balls will be thrown but planning will help you minimise their impact. Planning is where you’ll also define the things that matter to you.   

 2.) Be prepared to receive help. 

Help will come but it may not be from the people or places you expect. Be ready to receive help (i.e swallow your pride) because you’ll need it to ‘fight’ another day.  

3.) Time is slow and fast. 

After hitting reset, things take time to boot back up. If you’re not patient, you’ll jam that reset button. Time will be fast and slow simultaneously. Manage it with faith, believing that all things are working together for your good… slow or fast.  

4.) Network

Meet others and have physical connections. This can start with close family and extend to friends, industry networks or communities. 

 5.) Bring God along on the journey. 

There’s a lot you don’t know, but God can prepare you for the unknown. Plus He will give you hope, peace and comfort when the going gets tough – Psalm 23.  

Own your journey and don’t be afraid to hit reset because it can happen when you least expect it. 

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