Ibukun is a digital transformation leader using his experience in Web 2.0 (digital marketing, digital sales and marketing automation) and innovating in Web 3.0 (Blockchain technology) to deliver business results. He will help you find your ideal prospects and move them through a carefully planned digital journey that converts them into paying customers, and repeat buyers. 

Ibukun in Web2 

Ibukun was the Head of Digital for Nestlé Central and West Africa where he led eBusiness initiatives and the company’s digital transformation for consumer communications across 25 countries. Prior to joining Nestlé, he was the Director of Sales Solutions for RADP Africa, as well as the Country Head and Director of Digital at Ringier Africa Digital Publishing (RADP) in Ghana, providing digital storytelling and content across our publishing platforms (Pulse, Business Insider,  New York Times, Men’s & Women’s Health) and serving brands with 360 Digital Marketing execution. 

Ibukun in Web3

Ibukun is the creator of the Passionless Book NFT, a membership token that grants holders access to career development programs. He is possibly the first African to release a book on the Ethereum blockchain focused on career development. The book is available to read on the blockchain or download the free PDF version.

Ibukun is active in Web3 communities including as a:

  • Mod in TIMEPieces, the Web3 Community of TIME.
  • Member of the Royals NFT, the first diversity focused NFT celebrating African Royalty on the blockchain
  • Member of MODE, the first professional social network focused project on the blockchain
  • Librarian at the Curious Addys NFT, an educational NFT community
  • and many more. 
He wrote a disertation on blockchain adoption by food and beverage companies operating in West Africa for his MSc program at Birkbeck, University of London which was presented at the Enterprise Blockchain Forum Conference 2022. 

Ibukun on Digital Capability Building

He is a TEDx conference  speaker on Digital Marketing, Forbes Digital Startup Accelerator Program  speaker and served as a Digital Marketing mentor for entrepreneurs at the Google Launchpad accelerator. He was a panelist at The African Capacity Building Foundation (a specialist agency of the African Union) ThinkTank Summit, and spoke on ‘Nurturing Your Creativity’ at Nestle’s first YOUthFest event. 

He is an alumnus of the Professional Development program on Innovation and Strategy at Harvard University. He holds an MSc in Business Innovation with eBusiness from Birkbeck, University of London and a BEng in Civil Engineering with Business Management from the University of Birmingham, UK. 

Ibukun is named 100 most influential young Nigerian by Avance Media (2019) and a recipient of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons award by Junior Chamber International (2015).  

Back To The Lesson

These are the two important lessons I learned when my mentor encouraged me to learn how to develop websites over 10 years ago. He offered to pay for my first project and I delivered an amateur product that he couldn’t use. 
  1. Getting paid is a choice. You must learn and embrace the act of getting paid for work done.
  2. Doing excellent work is a must. It is the only way to survive in the Marketplace and show your clients you value them. 
From that time, I made a decision to do the best work for my clients and my clients enjoy the best of my expertise in growing their businesses.