Too good to not believe


It feels like I’m just starting the year. Q1 2022 was ‘here and there’ but thank God for many opportunities to start again. 

A new day

A new week

A new month

A new quarter

A new year 

A new birthday celebration

If now is too soon or you’re still trying to figure it all out, then Easter Sunday is around the corner. Start when we celebrate Jesus, the risen king.

  • He is the hope of our glory
  • He is a healer
  • He gives light and life 
  • He died for our sins
  • He is the way to heaven

Any day you decide to start is a good day to start. 

When you think about all the miracles He has done, they’re too good to not believe that He will see you through! God is on your side.

This song is another one on repeat.

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