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Discover the unpopular but effective strategies within your control to succeed in your career consistently.

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Are you struggling in your career because you have never truly found your passion?

Do you feel like you are driving on the highway with the brakes on? Is there something out there you’d love to do and be passionate about, instead of slaving away where you are currently? Importantly, is this affecting your work and limiting your chances of career success? 

You are not alone

But faced with new realities, many people will have no other choice but to work, grow and succeed in careers they are not passionate about. The popular advice to “find your passion’ in order to achieve career success will continue to disappoint because the market does not pay for passion. It pays for skills and added value.

The current global situation is causing layoffs and disruptions to the global workforce. Companies are declaring bankruptcies, firing staff and some industries may not survive. Career opportunities will change dramatically and the choices you’ll have to make will not be about your passion, but your skill and the value you bring.

So how do you achieve career success when passion is forcefully removed by unprecedented factors far beyond your control, leaving you helpless?


Passionless Book by Ibukun Onitiju

The PASSIONLESS book is the bridge between where you are right now and where you want to be. It is a framework that will help you discover the unpopular but effective strategies within your control to succeed in your career consistently, irrespective of location, industry, job title or years of experience, especially if you have not found your passion.

You will learn how to:

Why does the PASSIONLESS book work so well?

The content of this book has been modeled and tested in real work environments to help others like you build a solid foundation to achieve career success. It works because:

  • It is not based on random ideas, but built on a layered system that anyone can replicate.
  • It highlights things that are 100% within your control, not the things you can’t change.
  • It has worked for people in different countries and industries.

Here’s what some of my colleagues shared about working with me and their experience with the PASSIONLESS Framework


What is in the PASSIONLESS book?

The book covers important topics including:

And more…

Reviews for the PASSIONLESS book

[The insight I like most about the book] is your own quote
"Stop trying to find your passion by thinking about it, let your passion find you by going about your life."

This is a strong guiding principle to develop a successful and fulfilling career. People should not look for an end goal, but understand that what matters most is the journey. How you approach things… one step at a time. [The book is] quick to read, practical and easy to read. Great guiding principles and tips for people at the beginning of their career.
Stephane Pere
Former Executive Vice President, Business Development (Global). The Economist.
I don’t have a lot of time to read, so most of the time I buy actual books they end up sitting on my bedside table. If I really want to read a book I get the audiobook version.

[From reading this book, I found that] I am very lucky to have identified my passion very early on and that I am able to operate within my purpose, be multifaceted and embrace all the things I am interested in. However even operating within your purpose often includes learning skills you are not passionate about - curiosity, dedication, discipline and consistency are key, regardless of what your journey is. Skills are valuable assets and sometimes you learn skills today that you won’t really need till 5 years later. Don’t reject learning opportunities.

[One insight I like most about the book is that] everyone has a different journey and you have to explore the various paths and give the journey your best at every point in time. Own your own journey. Live a life of excellence - put in the work, engage, give 150%, be dedicated, disciplined and consistent in everything you do. Readers [of this book] will be equipped with tools to navigate their careers and they will experience a mindset shift that will allow them to excel.

I would recommend this book to young professionals at entry and mid-career level. I find that too many young people chase a dream and when it does not materialise they tread water, never developing themselves, never sharpening their skills, simply wasting away. A lot of young people today do not value the lessons learnt from mundane tasks, from acquiring skills that may seem boring or senseless - these lessons and skills in my experience have always turned out to be the most valuable ones.
Nkemdilim Uwaje Begho
CEO, Futuresoft Resources Limited

Non-Executive Director, Stanbic IBTC Holding PLC
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this dose of truth and as promised, I got through it in one sitting. I particularly like the fact that the core message of the book centers on things that are completely within our control, and empowers us to take charge of our lives and professional destinies.

It is a simple and practical guide that can easily be applied, regardless of what career stage you are at (entry level, mid level, etc). I highly recommend this book, because it shows you how to take back your power. You are no longer at the mercy of the elusive ‘passion’ we all seek. Instead you have all the ingredients to take charge, design and cultivate the professional life you’ve always dreamt of, one day at a time.
Kemi Onanbanjo-Joseph
Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company


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