Digital Media & Growth Consultant

I help businesses create and implement digital growth strategies

Digital Media & Growth Consultant

I help businesses create and implement digital growth strategies

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Are you proposing to strangers?

In 2018, Ibukun Onitiju spoke at TEDxOsu in Ghana, Africa on Digital Marketing: ‘Don’t Propose to a Stranger.’

Watch Ibukun’s captivating TEDx Talk Intro —->>>

As a digital transformation leader and growth consultant, with experiences working with businesses in Europe, US and Africa, he highlights what brands do wrongly when they decide to embrace the world of digital. Ibukun also showed the 4 things they need to do to get good result from their digital growth investments.

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Watch my TEDx Talk Intro

In 2018, I spoke at TEDxOsu on Digital Marketing with the topic: Don’t Propose to a Stranger. 

It highlights what brands typically do when they decide to embrace the world of digital. I also showed the 4 things they need to do to get a good ROI from digital efforts. 

This short video is a story telling introduction into my talk. 

NFT Masterclass

Brush up your NFT and Web3 knowledge

Web3 & NFTs are the new evolution of the internet powered by Blockchain Technology. 

Like the early days of the internet. The fact that there’s a lot of internet and wire fraud does not make the internet useless. It powers our lives now, and blockchain is likely to do the same. 

This is your chance to brush up your knowledge of NFTs. 

Passionless Book by Ibukun Onitiju

Get a copy of my new book

For early and mid-career professionals

The PASSIONLESS book is the bridge between where you are right now and where you want to be in your career. 

It is a framework that will help you discover the unpopular but effective strategies within your control to succeed in your career consistently, irrespective of location, industry, job title or years of experience, especially if you have not found your passion.

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Digital Sales Funnel Training

Use a little known Digital Sales Funnel Expert technique to get your hottest prospects to raise their hand, so you can sell to them directly.

5 Email Introductory Email Templates

Send introductory emails that get attention, appointments and close sales From B2B clients.

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Don’t run out of money before your marketing works

Don’t waste time in a job with no prospects

Ibukun Onitiju Sales Funnel Expert in Africa

About Me

I want to change the world. My first attempt at that was studying Civil Engineering with Business Management from University of Birmingham. It actually started off well, consulting for ThamesWater, the largest Utility company in England and teaching Mathematics at an Outstanding Secondary School in England.
About 10 years ago, my mentor asked me to learn Web Design. He also promised to give me my first paid project. I charged £500 for the project over 10 years ago but delivered an amateur product. 
I felt really bad knowing that he had to give the same project to another professional. As a young graduate at the time, this experience unlocked 2 hard to teach concepts in my brain that has continued to shape my life.
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The Evolution of Sales-Led Growth

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