K.I.S.S. – The career growth strategy that works

Kiss career growth

KISS is a career growth strategy that works. It helps you compete less, provide more value and collaborate more.

For example, a car manufacturer can generously give away tyres with a car purchase, but a tyre manufacturer will think twice before doing so. Thomas Jefferson said ‘knowledge is power’. Imagine giving that power away to the people around you?

So, let me show you how to be less competitive and more collaborative while improving your performance and your worth at the same time.

Career Growth Strategy with KISS

One of my former bosses said

‘Ibukun has… proven to be a great trainer and leader who has been able to inspire and develop his team members.’

I was not hired to be a trainer in that job, but I would always train, equip, and build everyone around me.

This is because I make cars, not tyres.

So, let me share with you the K.I.S.S strategy.

What does KISS stand for?

KISS is an acronym for Knowledge, Insight, Strategy, System.

Step 1 – Knowledge

Avoid competing or trying to prove expertise based on what you know only. It is the lowest level to compete. You should know the things you claim to know and then know more. If people around you are trying to compete based on knowledge, you should keep quiet to learn or observe. If it is a collaborative discussion, contribute meaningfully with a chance to add step 2.

Step 2 – Insight

If you have to speak, add more effort to ensure you share your knowledge with insight. For example, if I’m reading a news article on data privacy, I’d also check the references and read them too. While most people will only read the first article, I will read other related articles, read the same story from different publications, go back to the beginning and broaden my understanding of the key points. It adds insight to your knowledge and it doesn’t take a lot of time.

Turning knowledge to insights is at the heart of my personal mission to ‘Educate Africa and Innovate for Businesses.

Step 3 – Strategy

This level is where you can entertain some competition. However, people at this level are likely to be top performers. This means they are humble to admit what they don’t know, hence the risk of confrontation or competition is reduced.

Rather than compete, I’ll encourage you to favour collaboration. This could take the form of splitting the work to be done so that each person will focus on the areas where they can make the most impact. Sometimes though, you might want to protect your area too by competing.

Strategy develops when you can combine knowledge and insights from multiple domains, subject areas, industries and experience.

Step 4 – System

Aspire to operate at this level. It takes time to get here so you can’t afford to get dragged down or distracted by others who want to compete on knowledge.

At this level, you need the skill to create templates, guides or frameworks that will empower others to move from knowledge to strategy quickly. Systems allow you to scale, improve performance and eliminate failure points.

You can experience how a system works when you enrol in The Passionless Career Coaching Program where I’ll take you through the carefully designed system that will accelerate your career growth.

If you decide to try this KISS method, you will get good results because most people are lazy to put in the work, but not you. You’re a top performer.

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