Achieve your goals with this simple tweak

Goals and Systems
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Goals work, but when you have goals and systems, it improves your chances of achieving them.

Happy New Year! 

I am so excited, grateful and hopeful all at the same time.

Now it is time to refocus and have a great start to the year. 

As you may know, I always have my Personal Development Plan updated (get the free template here), and this year is no exception, but there is something I am doing differently this year. 

I am ditching the focus on goals, to add systems. It is a simple tweak that improves the chances of achieving the goals. 

Systems Approach

The main difference I want you to embrace is that while goals specify achievements in a moment in time, systems help you take care of the recurring activities you must do to achieve that goal.

Let me tell you some of my goals and how I am planning the systems to support them. (It is still work in progress)

Goals and Systems

#Goal 1 – Connect with my subscribers (aiming for weekly)

I started my email newsletter to inspire people. Over the years I have done this through sharing my personal stories, tips on career and business growth, faith, and last year through actionable content (Books and Courses). 

I want to take it a step further because learning from last year, it is clear we all need every bit of inspiration we can get. 

#Goal 1 System

To achieve this, I’ve put 2 systems in place. 

  1. I will send happy birthday messages to everyone in my community this year. If you have not shared with me, kindly click here and input your date of birth. Since I am your #BestEmailFriend, I’d like to celebrate with you. 
  2. I have planned my email series and put it in a  template for the next 6 months. This took some time, but I am glad to have done it. It will help manage writer’s block and staring at the blank screen. I will complete it for the rest of the year.

#Goal 2 – Play more with the kids

Family means A LOT to me plus I like indoors. 2020 made that even more so, but I also spend a lot of time on my laptop which can be a distraction.

Quick question. Have you seen any episode of Bluey? It is a preschool animation series I watch with the kids. I have always wondered how the dad, Bandit comes up with some super cool games with Bluey and Bingo. I wish I could do that.

Idara is gifted with playing with the kids and I want to do more. 

Goal #2 System

Sincerely, I am still trying to crack this one. However, I am starting with football kickabout and monthly game sessions on the Nintendo Switch. The kids are growing fast.

PS: Someone hinted that I might be motivated with a PlayStation 5 😜.  (Any gamers want to shoot me some reviews?)

Goal #3Coach 50 Career Professionals to earn more, get better jobs, and grow their career.

I started working when I was 17 years old (mostly due to circumstances), and I have now worked in 5 industries across 4 countries over the past 18 years. 

There are things I have learned that early and mid-career professionals can really benefit from. I have documented it in the PASSIONLESS Book & Course. However each person’s situation is different and some people would need more personalized support. 

Goal #3 System

Passionless Career Coaching program – I tried this last year as a group coaching program, but it didn’t work. Instead, I ended up working with individuals who needed support.

The lesson is to continue the one on one support for those who need it. This is a paid 4 week program. You can get more information and join the waiting list to be the first to get notified when slots open. 

Even if you cannot afford (or not willing) to pay for the program, you can always send me an email or reach out to me on social platforms and let me know how I can help. Please, it would help if you have already read the PASSIONLESS book because it captures my views and beliefs on career success.

Your Turn, 

What are your goals for the year and will you consider building a system that will help you achieve them? 

Bonus Download – Click here to download the Personal Development Plan template that I use to plan my year.

Here’s to a blessed new year!

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